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When you work with RJR Partners, you enter into a close partnership.

We strive to be an extension of your team so we can fully discern your organizational challenges and opportunities. Our mission is to help drive your company’s top-line success.

Our approach is thoughtful, efficient, and results-driven. We offer a diversified suite of search services that can be individually customized to meet your recruitment needs. Our services include:


A retained search model is best when the hiring need is urgent, confidential, and critical to your company’s performance. The complex nature of the position and the highly specific requirements of the candidate require rigorous research, analysis, and follow-through. The deeper level of your engagement involved in a retained search enables us to deliver the highest level of priority and dedication.


Our exclusive search model is fitting for clients looking to fill high-priority positions without the initial commitment of a retained search. An exclusive search provides focused and prioritized attention, but offers you more flexibility. With this service, RJR Partners is given exclusivity for a defined period of time.


Our contingency search model is a low-risk way to explore our services and capabilities. This service also gives you the flexibility to pay only when the candidate is identified and on board, along with the freedom to engage multiple firms at once.

Our extensive vetting process allows us to maintain a network of strong candidates. We work hard to deliver the right people, the first time.

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